Friends of Flagstaff’s Future (F³ – often referred to as “F Cubed” around town) was founded in 1995 by concerned citizens who wanted to ensure that the public had an active role in community decision-making.

The citizens who formed this organization recognized that protecting the high quality of life of the greater Flagstaff area would take the active participation of a broad range of people who were willing to grapple with complex issues and strive for a positive, collaborative outcome.

Since its founding, Friends of Flagstaff’s Future has grown from a small circle of concerned citizens to an action-oriented organization with more than 1,000 supporters and more than 400 volunteers.

Key to our mission is the engagement of local citizens in strategic efforts to protect our clean air and water, unique character and diversity, and the urban trails and open spaces that give us the opportunity to love and learn about the environment in which we live. Together with our members and volunteers, we strive to preserve the beauty and diversity of Flagstaff for future generations.


2015 marks the 20th year that Friends of Flagstaff’s Future has been working to make Flagstaff a more environmentally sustainable, socially just and economically prosperous community. F³ is the only multi-issue organization in town working to protect open spaces and their ecological diversity, supporting locally owned businesses, encouraging the democratic process, and promoting civic engagement in local issues.

You can review twenty years of Friends of Flagstaff’s Future Major Achievements here.