Board & Staff


Tory Syracuse, Executive Director

Tory is passionate about creating great communities by connecting people to place and to each other. She was thrilled to return to her hometown of Flagstaff in late 2013 after nearly ten years away. Her professional experience includes work in urban planning, environmental advocacy, fundraising, and non-profit management. Tory holds a B.A. in English from NAU and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing and an M.S. in Urban Planning from the University of Arizona. When not working, she enjoys running and biking on Flagstaff’s beautiful trails, singing in a choir, and trying to keep up with her toddler.


Kati Pantsosnik, Program Coordinator

Kati is originally from Estonia and moved to Flagstaff in 2004 to volunteer with a conservation corps that she later ended up working for as a Grants Management and Finance Officer for over 9 years. She became an F3 member in 2013 and started volunteering with the organization in January 2014. She was hired on as the F3 Office Manager/Bookkeeper in December 2014.

Kati received a Masters Degree in Recreation Management from Tallinn University in Estonia. Before moving to the USA, Kati worked for the Estonian Fund for Nature.

Kati loves hiking and camping and she is very involved with the Flagstaff Latin dance community. She is honored to work with F3 as it is an organization whose important visions she shares.


David McCain, Board President

Having grown up in a small town shadowed by the Rocky Mountains and lived in San Diego, David now calls Flagstaff home. He moved here in February 2012 to join his partner, Katie, who is a physical therapist in town.

After focusing on internal challenges (i.e. recurrent depression) for much of his life, David is excited to move out into the world to make it better. He attends the Sustainable Communities Master’s Program at NAU to explore how he can best contribute to changing the world. He is committed to helping people communicate more effectively through his local training and consulting business (

He has a passion for community-building, the Transition Movement (a world-wide movement to help communities prepare for life after cheap energy), re-localization, broad-based community organizing, and alternative economics. His personal interests include many (almost all) forms of exercise, time in nature, time with his partner, and doting on his portly black cat, Sweets.

He is thrilled to be joining the Board of Directors of F3 to further evolve his passions and dedicate his time and energy to making Flag even better!


Mike Caulkins, Board Secretary

Mike grew up in Silicon Valley, and spent much of his youth stomping around in the creeks, hills and woodland areas near to (and far from) his suburban home town of Los Altos, CA. He did many years of schooling around the west (with the most recent stint occurring in Vancouver, BC, Canada), and along the way collected 2 energetic young boys and a wonderful partner.

Mike received a BA in Psychology from the University of Colorado at Boulder, an MSc in Kinesiology from ASU, and a PhD in Education from Simon Fraser University in Canada. He now works at NAU as an instructor in the University College, teaching first year seminar classes that looks at the human relationship to place, and how people from different cultures conceive of ‘wilderness.’

Mike believes that civic engagement and active political involvement for all citizens is essential to a healthy and vibrant democracy. He is passionate about land use, development, education, and open space. He joined the board of F3 early in 2014, and is honored to work alongside the dedicated and thoughtful individuals who are associated with F3.


Eli Cohen, Board Treasurer


Sharon Edgar, Vice-President

Sharon loves canyons and rivers and day hiking.  She came to Flagstaff, temporarily, to spend more time in the Grand Canyon after her first raft trip down the Colorado River with friends and neighbors from Milwaukee Wisconsin.  That was in early 2005.  Like a lot of people, once she got here she found a way to stay.

She recently retired from a local river outfitting company and is using her free time to get more involved in the Flagstaff community.  Her main career was in software development.  Today she uses some of her data geek skills to analyze voting data.  She has worked on several candidate campaigns and organized and/or participated in get-out-the vote activities.  She is pleased to be serving on the F3 board.  In addition to voter engagement, her passions include protection of open spaces, sustainable growth, affordable housing, and safe & appropriate student housing.


Teri Dunn, Board Member

Teri is an Arizona native who has lived in many parts of Arizona as well as many parts of the U.S.    She moved to Flagstaff in 1988 to work as a Social Worker at Flagstaff Medical Center .She recently retired from North Country Health Care after 13 years. She is married to Ed Dunn a former F3 board member and a designer/builder who built many sustainable homes in the Flagstaff area.  She has four grown children who she is very proud of and six exceptional grandsons (no granddaughters?) whose lives she enjoys meddling in. She has been active in many local groups including the Coconino Coalition for Children, and the Progressive Democrats of Northern Arizona.

In her retirement she hopes to develop her many hobbies and become involved in local community quality of life issues. She is proud and awed to live in such a rich and varied cultural setting.  She is especially interested in addressing issues related to encouraging unheard voices to participate in the local community decision-making process. She is challenged and happy to be growing and learning with this energetic, and committed grass roots organization.

Daily Sun

Dawn Tucker, Board Member

Dawn is a native of Flagstaff. Her first home was right above Biff’s Bagels and her earliest memories of the town include kite flying at Buffalo Park, Story Time at the Downtown Library, and day-old croissants at Macy’s. Dawn is a teacher at Northland Preparatory Academy. She is also the founder and Executive Director of Flagstaff Shakespeare Festival.
Dawn is passionate about historic preservation and the proud owner two historic homes on the Southside. She loves learning about the history of Flagstaff’s founding residents and honoring that history through documentation and preservation.
In her spare time, she raises backyard chickens, knits, reads, and spends time in Flagstaff’s beautiful pine forests with her partner, Stefano, and dog, Rhubarb.
She is very grateful for the opportunity to serve on the F3 Board and support their visions, especially, for smart growth and historic neighborhood preservation.

Emily Melhorn, Board Member

Emily Melhorn is originally from Gettysburg, PA but has lived most of her adult life in the Western States. After spending several seasons moving around with the NPS, she wanted a place to build community and call home, and chose Flagstaff to be that place.

She received her BA in Creative Writing at Hamilton College, and is currently a masters candidate at NAU in the Sustainable Communities program and also receiving a Community Planning certificate. She enjoys traveling for the new perspectives it gives her. She is also a writer and enjoys reading non-fiction on a variety of subjects and watching documentaries. She also enjoys patroning the arts: attending gallery openings and concerts, or even attending lectures where she can gain new insight on an issue.

Emily is very grateful for the opportunity to serve on the F3 Board and support their visions. She is particularly interested in smart (affordable) growth strategies that preserve historic character and make alternative transportation a priority. She supports a local production economy and reducing environmental impacts. She hopes to increase citizen awareness and engagement with these issues and more during her time on the F3 board.

If you love Flagstaff and are interested in taking an active role in protecting and enhancing our quality of life, F3’s Board of Director’s could be the place for you.  F3 is a volunteer, member-based organization. Our staff work part-time. Thus it falls to the Board and members to help get a lot of the work done.

In general, board members spend at least 10 hours per month on a variety tasks including the monthly Board meeting, helping to organize and implement a variety of F3 events, attending community meetings such as City Council or City Commission meetings.