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Article Date Source
Hyperpartisanship won’t drive grassroots solutions 7/31/2016 AZ Daily Sun
First council candidate forum packed 7/30/2016 AZ Daily Sun
Friends of Flagstaff’s Future opposes 123 4/27/2016 AZ Daily Sun
Coconino Voices: Revisit zoning code in Flagstaff before next Hub 4/7/2016 AZ Daily Sun
Ballot measure to seek Buffalo Park expansion 4/2/2016 AZ Daily Sun
Parking shortage at The Hub draws concern 12/23/2015 AZ Daily Sun
Flagstaff Council rejects joining lawsuit to allow plastic bag regulation 12/3/2015 AZ Daily Sun
Council denies request to join plastic bag lawsuit 12/2/2015 AZ Daily Sun
A shopping-free Black Friday 11/27/2015 AZ Daily Sun
Changes to commercial parking in works
11/17/2015 AZ Daily Sun
Democracy not always efficient
11/17/2015 AZ Daily Sun
NAU looks to build citizenship into curriculum 11/6/2015 AZ Daily Sun
Flagstaff Voters Go For Fall Elections 11/03/2015 AZ Daily Sun
Flagstaff Water Rate Hike Battle Looms 09/13/2015 AZ Daily Sun
Flagstaff committees still chewing on student housing problems 06/28/2015 AZ Daily Sun
Arrowhead Advocate Earns Livable Community Award 06/03/2015 AZ Daily Sun
Council hopes to protect mesa and have veterans home 05/20/2015 AZ Daily Sun
Water slide event has organizations boiling 05/20/2015 AZ Daily Sun
Building Bike Culture in Flagstaff 05/16/2015 AZ Daily Sun
Design for veterans home atop McMillan Mesa a concern 05/13/2015 AZ Daily Sun
Businesses and chamber oppose city involvement in minimum wage lawsuit 5/20/2015 AZ Daily Sun
Plastic bag ban bill burns local activists  04/15/15  AZ Daily Sun
Arizona House backs bill prohibiting cities from banning plastic bags 03/27/2015  AZ Daily Sun
Cleanup organized for desert waterfall 3/20/2015  AZ Daily Sun
Legislature moves to kill plastic bag bans 03/19/2015  AZ Daily Sun
Flagstaff plastic bag committee recommends phased approach 03/15/2015  AZ Daily Sun
Flagstaff Council supports resolution against Tusayan development 03/13/2015  AZ Daily Sun
Flagstaff City Council splits on support for Dreamers 03/12/2015  AZ Daily Sun
Citizen panel digs into plastic bag issue 03/11/2015  AZ Daily Sun
Local groups continue call for fossil fuel divestment 03/06/2015 AZ Daily Sun
Flagstaff City Council still working on election dates 02/25/2015 AZ Daily Sun
Student housing work groups get started on solutions 02/24/2015 AZ Daily Sun
Flagstaff City Council to take more plastic bag testimony Tuesday 02/15/2015 AZ Daily Sun
Winterfest events melting away quickly 02/09/2015 AZ Daily Sun
Rumble on the Mountain event focuses on sustainability and sacredness of water 02/06/2015 Navajo Hopi Observer
Council objects to ’empty building tax’ 01/13/2015 AZ Daily Sun
Dew Downtown moves to January 01/11/2015 AZ Daily Sun
Council supports entire Walnut Canyon area for conservation 12/18/2014 AZ Daily Sun
Walnut Canyon conservation area on council agenda today 12/16/2014 AZ Daily Sun
Council vote on Aspen Heights delayed two weeks 11/05/2014 AZ Daily Sun
Flagstaff City Council wants more public input on charter amendments 10/31/2014 AZ Daily Sun
Commission to staff: Proposed Flagstaff relocation ordinance needs work 10/25/2014 AZ Daily Sun
Council continues hearing on Aspen Heights 10/22/2014 AZ Daily Sun
NAU students gather for Flagstaff candidate roundtable 10/18/2014 AZ Daily Sun
Off-campus student housing forums advance in Flagstaff 09/05/2014 AZ Daily Sun
Knorr, Pepe eliminated from race for Flagstaff City Council seats 08/27/2014 AZ Daily Sun
Flagstaff’s water future still a work in progress 08/17/2014 AZ Daily Sun
City of Flagstaff approves Snowbowl snowmaking contract for 20 more years 08/09/2014 AZ Daily Sun
Student housing a forum focus for Flagstaff City Council, mayor candidates 07/26/2014 AZ Daily Sun
Around the Town: Celebrate Earth Day in Flagstaff Saturday 04/16/2014 AZ Daily Sun
Expectations high for new NAU president 03/07/2014 AZ Daily Sun
Fury at officials for using clean drinking water to create snow for event in arid Flagstaff 02/08/2014 Daily Mail
Dew Downtown to Use Fresh Water for Snowmaking 01/29/2014 NAZ Today
Conserving AGWA 02/22/2013 JackCentral
Friends of Flagstaff’s Future releases statement on the Council’s initial approval of the Civil Rights ordinance 02/19/2013 AZ Daily Sun
Flagstaff Snow Park Sent Back to the Drawing Board 07/19/2012 KNAU
New season opens at Arizona Snowbowl 12/21/2012 AZ Central
Workshop gives Flagstaffians tips for more efficient transportation 03/05/2009 Jack Central
Friends of Flagstaff’s Future names its livable community award recipients 09/23/2006 AZ Daily Sun