City Council Meeting Report 2/12/19

City council gave a 6 month notice to revoke the license that staff signed with Desert Mountain Energy (DME), a mining company that they licensed to use city land to access State land for seismic testing. According to the City […]

Lands the mining company wants to access

This map of Red Gap Ranch from the Regional Plan shows that the State lands the mining company wants to access lie within the ranch, as only every other section of land within the ranch lands is owned by the […]

Come to Council meeting 02/12/2019

City Council has placed an agenda item concerning City Staff’s agreement with a mining company to allow use of Red Gap Ranch for access to state land where they will be testing for mining feasibility. Those tests may occur on […]

F3 Transition Message

Friends of Flagstaff’s Future is currently in a transition to reposition itself to better serve the needs of its members and the wider Flagstaff community in our new political climate. To do this more effectively, we will go without an […]

Dawn steps down as Executive Director

Dear F3 Supporters and Friends, It has been my great pleasure to work for and with you this past year. I have learned and grown and met the most amazing people. The thing I am the most in awe of […]

What are the Candidates Top Three Priorities?

In an ideal world, our City Council Candidates would be able to do it all, yesterday. But any job requires prioritiies– where will the Candidates focus their attention and energy? We asked the Candidates what their top 3 priorities will […]

Climate Action Plan: Give your Feedback

The City of Flagstaff is working with community members to create Flagstaff’s first Climate Action and Adaptation Plan. The plan will provide a roadmap for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preparing Flagstaff for a changing climate. They are now in […]