2020 Mayoral Candidate Questionnaire

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Paul Deasy

Charlie Odegaard

Victor Varela (removed; link to AZ Daily Sun story)

Jamie Whelan


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What is your vision for Flagstaff’s future in regard to issues of growth and development? What changes to codes and plans would you like to see, if any, to enact your vision?

Are there any development projects built or approved over the last 10 years that you would have preferred the City not move forward with and why?

Now that the City has updated the 2018 Building Code, what further changes do you think need to be made in our codes to achieve the goals of our Climate Action and Adaptation Plan?

What are some of your strategies for promoting Flagstaff’s economic recovery from the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic?

What are your spending priorities for the General Fund? What changes would you like to see to the existing allocation of resources?

What is your preferred method for increasing City revenue?

What government strategies and policies do you believe can address Flagstaff’s high cost of living and unaffordability?

As Flagstaff grows and its reclaimed water capacity increases, for what uses, outside of landscape irrigating, do you think this water should be allocated to replace potable water?

State preemption laws have tied the hands of City Council on several issues. What is your approach for dealing with these restrictions when they conflict with the City Council’s decisions and the will of the Flagstaff community?

Flagstaff voters twice approved an increase in the local minimum wage, including the elimination of the sub-minimum wage for servers. What can the city do to ensure that this initiative is successfully implemented? What strategies do you have for addressing some of the concerns related to this initiative?

Do you believe the City of Flagstaff has an obligation to support and protect our undocumented residents?

In light of the recent national protests against racism and police violence, many people are calling for reimagining the role of policing in our communities. How do you envision applying this to Flagstaff especially in relation to our Native American residents and other people of color.

Are you satisfied with the role local elected officials have played protecting and educating the public about the Coronavirus? What more would you like to see done on the local level?