NAIPTA Proposes New Transit Center

As NAIPTA has increased transit routes, frequency, and has obtained 60 ft. buses for high-occupancy routes, they are at maximum capacity for their current downtown connection center. For a new connection center, NAIPTA wants to maintain a highly accessible downtown location […]

Scattered Affordable Housing Designs Approved

The design plans for the three Scattered Site Affordable Housing Project were approved by City Council. The affordable housing sites will be located at 1700 East Sixth Ave., 3050 N. West St., and 303 S. Lone Tree Rd. These three […]

Dan Folke Permanent Community Development Director

Dan Folke, who has been working as Interim Community Development Director since July 2018 for the City, is now the permanent Community Development Director after a long competitive recruitment that attracted over 50 candidates throughout the country. Dan has been with […]

Electric Bikes and Scooters Amendments Delayed

City Staff provided the results of the community survey on electric bikes and scooters and made proposed amendments to the bicycle code to clarify ambiguities about these forms of transportation. These amendments were proposed for personal use, but also to […]

Water Conservation Strategy Updates

The City’s Water Resources and Conservation staff presented on recent successes in Flagstaff’s goals to reduce water usage. The staff’s next steps are to do a cost-benefit analysis and scenario building to see which of the below actions should be […]

Rethinking Waste in Flagstaff

The long-term goals of Rethink Waste Plan is to divert 90% of waste by 2050. The Rethink Waste Plan prioritizes waste reduction over recycling or other diversion methods like composting. Within the next two years, the Rethink Waste Plan will be […]

NAU Starts a New Climate Action Plan

NAU held a meeting on April 1st to discuss the goals of a new 2019 Climate Action Plan.  It was decided that a new Climate Action Plan was necessary: 1. To obtain buy-in from the community and administration and 2. […]

Flagstaff Climate Action and Adaptation Plan Update

In connection with Earth Day, April typically sees a lot of community outreach for environmental sustainability initiatives. The Office of Sustainability presented updates to Council on the Climate Action and Adaptation Plan (CAAP) last evening. Making this a community-shared plan […]