Climate Action

Now that the City has updated the 2018 Building Code, what further changes do you think need to be made in our codes to achieve the goals of our Climate Action and Adaptation Plan?


Paul Deasy:

I think the city should change its commercial water rate structure so that commercial users have the same incentive to conserve water as residential users. Today residential water users have a tiered rate system, whereby the more water you use, the higher per gallon rate you pay. Commercial users face a flat rate. Because of this commercial users do not have as much incentive to conserve, which should be changed.

Charlie Odegaard:

I voted for the 2018 Building Code because the demands tied to new construction made sense. We just passed the Climate Emergency Resolution to be carbon neutral by 2030, that’s going to be a heavy lift of the community.

Jamie Whelan:

Not only have we adopted the CAAP, but we have just declared a Climate Emergency which revises the previous goal of reaching 80% carbon neutrality by 2050 and changes the CAAP to make Flagstaff carbon neutral by 2030. We have allocated $8M to the CAAP, we have pulled sustainability into the City Manager’s Office under his direct supervision. We have incentivized the purchase of electric vehicles in Flagstaff and supported a Downtown Visioning Plan that will recommend changes in our downtown area for walking, biking, transit, and business.

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