Codes and Plan Changes

What is your vision for Flagstaff’s future in regard to issues of growth and development? What changes to codes and plans would you like to see, if any, to enact your vision?


Paul Deasy:

My vision for Flagstaff’s future is one where growth and development reflect the values of the majority of Flagstaff’s residents. The Flagstaff Regional Plan, which was ratified by the Flagstaff voters in May 2014, has goals and policies that guide city decisions about priorities and investment. The Regional Plan is supposed to be updated every ten years. I think one of the deficiencies in the current Regional Plan is that it tries to be all things to all people. Equal priority is placed on the competing values, which has led people to feel upset at the way Flagstaff has grown. I would like to see the community have a thorough and meaningful discussion about what principles/values are the MOST important so that the next update to the Plan is more in-tune with the priorities of the community.

Charlie Odegaard:

My vision is to keep Flagstaff, Flagstaff. I have done my best to balance everything. The appropriate amount of open space verses the housing we desperately need.

Jamie Whelan:

Flagstaff’s future is a place where everyone is welcome and those who want to live here can afford to live here. A city that offers a multitude of jobs that pay a livable wage. A community that prioritizes a high quality of life, supports science, technology, education, and arts for all. A city where sustainability is threaded through every decision, supports multi-modal transportation, and environmental health are celebrated and honored. A city that showcases diversity and celebrates all those who played a historical role. I look forward to working with Council to pass codes that foster that vision.

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