Dan Folke Permanent Community Development Director


Dan Folke, who has been working as Interim Community Development Director since July 2018 for the City, is now the permanent Community Development Director after a long competitive recruitment that attracted over 50 candidates throughout the country. Dan has been with the City since 2013, previously as Planning Director.
In speaking with Dan Folke about his permanent role as Community Development Director, he really stressed how much he wants to improve relations with the community:
“One of my goals is to strengthen Community Development’s relationships within the community.  The plan is to start by meeting with organizations, residents, consultants and business owners to simply introduce ourselves and learn what is important to each.  We would also like to begin community dialogues through events such as brown bag lunch topics and informal settings outside of City Hall.  I believe we can begin to improve our services, meet the needs of the community and build trust within the community by working together and increasing our availability outside of city hall.”
A number of F3 board members met with Dan and other planners at the beginning of March to discuss direction and goals of smart and sustainable growth for Flagstaff. F3 is excited to see City staff take a more active role in outreach to the community and intend to assist in helping to ensure that the needs of residents are heard and addressed through collaborative partnerships with the City.