Dawn steps down as Executive Director


Dear F3 Supporters and Friends,

It has been my great pleasure to work for and with you this past year. I have learned and grown and met the most amazing people. The thing I am the most in awe of is the intelligent passion of this community.

As many of you know, four years ago I began building my dream: a Shakespeare Festival in Flagstaff. This year, the board of that organization made it their goal to make my position a paid one. OnĀ July 1st, I saw my dream become my job.

Then, I had to make some tough choices about finding more space and time for the other important jobs I do as a foster mom, wife, board member for the Foundry, and teacher. While I loved my time at F3 and especially the wonderful board, who I consider to be exemplary peers and wonderful friends–it became clear that stepping away from F3 would allow for both the organization and myself to find the best path forward.

Growing up here, I knew I wanted it to be my home when I was ready to settle and that I wanted o give back in every way I could to this community and town. I want to thank all of you and the board of F3 for the opportunity to serve you over the past year. I will not be disappearing from F3 or City Council meetings and look forward to seeing you all soon!

Dawn Tucker

F3 would like to thank Dawn Tucker for her service as our Executive Director. We wish her the best in her continued endeavors and hope to collaborate again soon. F3 inquiries should continue to go to Emily Melhorn, Acting Executive Director, atemelhorn@friendsofflagstaff.org