Economic Recovery

What are some of your strategies for promoting Flagstaff’s economic recovery from the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic?


Paul Deasy:

The City should do everything it can to help our businesses and workers survives. It should keep the parking meter holiday in effect until the City has fully recovered from the pandemic. The city should prioritize support to small businesses and employees over large corporations and the rich. So far, big corporations have been the beneficiaries of City Council’s response with $620,000 in free rent provided to airlines, rental car companies, and rich private plane owners at the airport. Ensuring ‘Main Street’ survives is critical.

Charlie Odegaard:

We have to be “Open for Business”. We will be approving next week several incentives to attract new businesses and reinvestments in the community. We’ve approved other incentives couple weeks ago also. This is a major policy shift for the City of Flagstaff for our business attraction team to have tools in the toolbox for business attraction or reinvestment. Our team has never had those tools before.

Jamie Whelan:

The City began planning for a downturn over a year ago by focusing on the small business sector – the family owned and operated businesses that are the fabric and backbone of our city. We do this by protecting our workers, incentivizing small business growth, and offering support and guidance through this pandemic. We work alongside the County to make this happen. We require a strong economic marketing drive to bring medical, science, high-tech businesses, cyber security, research institutions and engineering to our community. We have already begun this to strengthen our city. We must continue to diversify our economy.

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