Tory Syracuse Steps Down as Executive Director

Tory at the 2016 Annual Gala.

Tory at the 2016 Annual Gala.

April 18, 2017

After a year and one-half of dedicated service to Friends of Flagstaff’s Future (F3), today we announce that Tory Syracuse will be leaving F3 effective May 19, 2017.  As most of you know, she is expecting the birth of her second child this summer.  With that change in mind, she has accepted a new position that better meets her needs.  The Board of Directors is working on a succession plan to ensure that F3 continues to fulfill its mission while a new executive director is hired.

We will deeply miss the energy, commitment, and leadership Tory has given F3 and all of Flagstaff since she joined us in October of 2015.  Among her many achievements with F3, she regularly translated the complexities of the development landscape in Flagstaff into accessible articles in our enews, she led our very successful election outreach campaign which helped Propositions 413 and 414 pass, she was at the forefront of F3’s social justice work this year, and she provided a strong, consistent presence at City Council by commenting on a variety of issues.

Under her leadership, F3 has become known as the source for clear information about attempts to keep Flagstaff a livable community and as a leader in advocating for progressive policies on our city.

Tory stated: 

“It is with sadness that I announce my resignation from my position as Executive Director of F3.  As some of you know, my husband and I will be welcoming our second child this summer. In light of this, I have accepted a position with Friends of Camp Colton that is a better fit for my growing family life.  My commitment to the goals of F3 and my admiration for its board and staff are undiminished. I am deeply grateful for my time with F3 and have loved getting to know all of you through this work. Thank you for everything you do for our community and for your ongoing commitment to F3 and to a more sustainable and socially just Flagstaff!”

We are also sad that Tory is leaving our organization and, at the same time, we are excited she will be staying in the community to continue her work.  Her passion for making Flagstaff a more livable community was expressed on a daily basis whether she was working with our board and staff, City Council members, or concerned citizens.

Please join us for our Annual Meeting on May 20 to thank Tory for her work at F3 and wish her well on her next venture. We hope to see you there! Details below.

F3 Annual Meeting & Tory’s Going-Away Gathering

May 20, 2017

3:00-5:00 pm

23 S. Agassiz (Dawn Tucker’s home)

Ice Cream Provided!