First Hearing at Planning & Zoning for McMillan Mesa Village

McMillan Mesa

McMillan Mesa

The Planning and Zoning Commission met last Wednesday, 1/27 to discuss the rezone of the lands on McMillian Mesa from Business/Commercial to Residential. In addition, the developer is proposing to rezone the lands at the end of Apple Way and within the horseshoe-shaped subdivision to Public Open Space. This was the first of two meetings required due to the change also being applied to the 1992 McMillan Mesa Specific Plan.  The commission will vote on the request at their February 10 meeting 4 PM at City Hall.

The staff recommended that the Commission approve the rezone with conditions that included:

  • The property will be developed in substantial conformance with the submitted concept plans that show approximately 135 single story rental cottages and 57 two story single family homes.
  • Architectural standards will be applied to all rental buildings that front face public rights of ways, designated open spaces and FUTS trails
  • A weed abatement plan will be implemented for the maintenance of open areas including detention basins
  • A landscape plan will be implemented for the medians on Pine Cliff and Gemini
  • All fencing will be developed in concert with one overall design

Neighbors and the public voiced concern at this meeting and prior ones about the traffic problems on the Mesa and the failure to do a new traffic study with the change of use. While the Commission had a number of questions about the traffic issue, they seemed satisfied with staff’s explanation that the traffic count study showing reduced trips per day means a new study is not required. Staff said that they are currently looking into putting a time limit on traffic studies application if a subdivision is not built within a few years. The traffic study accepted as valid for this rezone is from 24 years ago.

The developer had originally stated to the public in other meetings that they pla

nned to put a restrictive covenant on the parcel at the end of Apple to keep it permanently open space. At the P&Z meeting staff stated that they would put the parcel into the Public Open Space zone. This means it can potentially be developed in the future if the owner seeks a rezone.