Get to know Emma McVeigh, our Summer Intern


Hi! I’m Emma McVeigh, the summer intern for F3. I am a cultivator of beautiful landscapes, as I came to Flagstaff four years ago from Anchorage, Alaska. While my hobbies include hiking, yoga, and learning about traditional medicine, I am also extremely passionate about social and environmental justice and sustainability. I am currently finishing up my Bachelor’s degree from NAU in Public Health. For those of you who may not know, the field of public health differs from the medical field in that it focuses on the “upstream” approach to healthcare, focusing on preventing disease.

I believe that everything is connected to public health. From the pipes that carry the water we drink, to the number of parks in a neighborhood; everything determines a person’s ability or inability to live a healthy life. One of the reasons I chose F3 for my internship is because of their integrated approach to the wellbeing of the Flagstaff community. As I get more passionate about health and justice, I find my focus going as far upstream as I can, working with policies that reiterate the concept of health as a human right. F3 is involved in Flagstaff’s decision-making, and works to create and support policies that make Flagstaff more livable, and therefore, healthier. So far, I’ve been attending City Council meetings, workshops, and other events aimed at getting the public involved in the decisions that are being made here. I find this process fascinating and exciting, though my roommates would disagree. I am also working on other projects this summer such as the Invasive Weed Removals, Garden Trade and Thrift Fundraiser, and some writing projects, so come say hi when you see me! With the skills I learn from my time here at F3, I plan to pursue politics, law, or policy in my future.