Livable Community Award

Friends of Flagstaff’s Future created the Livable Community Award in 2000 to honor Flagstaff area residents who work to make Flagstaff a more “Livable Community”. Since then the award has been given every year during the annual meeting. Past recipients are included below!

This year we’ll be awarding the winner at our Gala at the Museum of Northern Arizona!

The criteria that nominees are evaluated by is:

  • Nominees work within the area of F3’s focus
  • Nominees work to strengthen this community
  • Nominee’s work comes from a deeply held value that committed citizens can make significant contributions to their community
  • Nominees are considered based on their creativity, their ability to enlist others in their efforts, and their inspiration to fellow community members

As the award is focused on recognizing community members that likely have not been recognized before, please do not nominate elected officials.


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— Past recipents who demonstrated a long-term commitment to this community include

2016 – Hattie Braun

Hattie was honored for her contributions as the coordinator of Flagstaff’s Master Gardener Program. Hattie’s work has made our community more beautiful – and sustainable – for the past 15 years, and we were so pleased to honor her with this award.

2015 – Roxana De Niz

“De Niz was nominated for the award after her work to build leadership and engage members of the Arrowhead Village during the Standard’s rezoning request last summer. De Niz’s insistence that residents have Spanish interpretation at City Council meetings helped convince the city to buy translation equipment and set aside funds to hire an interpreter whenever one is needed.”

2014 – Carl Taylor

“Carl Taylor has been the District 1 supervisor for the past four years and in that time under his leadership the Board has created the Sustainable Economic Development Initiative (SEDI), an organization devoted to creating green business, education and work forces in our region. He has served on the boards of the Diablo Trust, the U.S. Green Building Council and chaired the Sustainable Buildings Committee, which has designed a county program to encourage design and construction of buildings using sustainable principles.”

2012 – Bill Towler

“It’s rare for a public official who has been involved in so many controversial issues to retire to so much praise. – He was praised for both his institutional memory and forward-looking perspective; his directness; and his can-do attitude.”

2011 – Karna Otten

“Through Otten’s organization, Community Supported Agriculture, consumers sign up to buy fresh produce from the farmers. This way, the farmers can plant the number of crops needed. Also, the consumer will know who grows the fruits and vegetables and how they’re grown. When we put something in our mouths, we’re better off knowing what it is and from whence it comes.”

2010 – Klee Benally

“Klee has worked most of his life at the front lines in struggles to protect Indigenous sacred lands. From occupying Border Patrol headquarters in Arizona to call an end to militarization on Indigenous lands to multiple arrests in direct action to protect the San Francisco Peaks and other threatened sacred places, in every aspect of his work Klee fights for a livable and healthy world.”

2009 – John Silva

“John Sliva, retired City of Flagstaff Community Development Director, is probably more responsible for the start and progress of the Flagstaff Urban Trail System, FUTS, than any one single person. He also pushed the land development code (LDC) which has been responsible for acknowledging the importance of open space, trees, views and hillsides (escarpments) through resource protection.”

2008 – Lisa Rayner

Rayner received the 2008 Moral Courage award this year for activism, education and outreach on behalf of women, LGBT, minorities and energy issues. She also serves as the chapter head for the ACLU and team leader for Equality Arizona in Flagstaff. She holds a degree in Interpretation of Natural Resources from NAU. She has coordinated the Juniper Street community garden as part of her sustainability efforts”

2007 – Karen Cooper

“The award honored Cooper’s two terms on the Flagstaff City Council and her decade of service on the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission. “Karen Cooper is a thoughtful leader who has served our community in so many capacities,” said Becky Daggett, the executive director for F-cubed. “We are honoring her for her strength of character, her integrity, and her life-long commitment to public service.”

2006 – Florence Karlstrom and Art Babbot

Karlstrom helped created the Coconino Council for Children, the predecessor of the Coconino Coalition for Children & Youth, and Babbott started the Flagstaff Community Market and helped renovate and re-open the Orpheum Theater.”

2005 – Dick and Jean Wilson

“Dick and Jean were recognized this year for their extensive work on behalf of Flagstaff for public spaces such as Heritage Square, for historic preservation, for protection of land around the San Francisco Peaks, for environmental education for children, and also for protection by The Nature Conservancy, as well as all the work that they have done around animal issues, and educating around the importance of spaying and neutering and adopting companion animals,” Daggett said in a phone interview.”

2004 – David Bonnell

Bonnell was honored for his energy and enthusiasm for getting Southside residents involved in redevelopment plans for their neighborhood, for establishing the Southside Community Garden, and his work on the CAKE project (community kitchen).”

2003 – Jack Welch

Welch, founder and facilitator of the Coconino Cycling Club, the Scalawags recreational biking group and the Flagstaff Pedestrian Advisory Committee, was chosen from 16 nominees because of his tireless efforts to make the community more friendly for pedestrians and bicyclists. Welch also runs his neighborhood block watch, regularly attends Daily Sun coffee klatches, is the driving force behind the Flagstaff Bike Advisory Committee, serves on the board of the Flagstaff Biking Organization and the city traffic commission and volunteers his time to do trail work.”

2002 – Francis McAllister

“Besides Friends of Flagstaff’s Future, McAllister supports the Arboretum of Flagstaff, the Grand Canyon Trust, Lowell Observatory, the Museum of Northern Arizona, NAU’s Program in Community, Culture and the Environment, and the Suzuki Program in local public schools.”

2002 – Nat White

“The award was in recognition of White’s 33 years of community involvement, including being a founding member of Friends of Flagstaff’s Future and a past president. White also served for four years on Flagstaff’s City Council. White was a leader in the effort to give Buffalo Park permanent protection as open space. He also serves on the boards of the Flagstaff Public Library and Coconino Community College.”