NAU Starts a New Climate Action Plan


NAU held a meeting on April 1st to discuss the goals of a new 2019 Climate Action Plan.  It was decided that a new Climate Action Plan was necessary: 1. To obtain buy-in from the community and administration and 2. To create clear accountability steps to make sure the goals of the Climate Action Plan are met. The main goal of the new Climate Action Plan is to reach carbon neutrality. NAU hopes to model the new plan after the Flagstaff Climate Action and Adaptation Plan recently adopted, as well as the ASU Climate Action Plan.
NAU would like input and to collaborate with the larger Flagstaff community to meet the goals of carbon neutrality for NAU. There are several action teams that NAU is encouraging the Flagstaff community to join and/or provide input to this year. The 11 Action teams include: Energy; Waste Minimization and Recycling; Landscaping; Transportation; Environmental Justice; Academics; Water; Purchasing; Art, Media and Communication; Residence Life; Implementation and Adaptation. Regardless of when the new Climate Action Plan is finished, recommendations from the Action Teams will begin in Fall 2019.
NAU will soon create an RFP for a consultant to create the new Climate Action Plan. NAU is hoping to  select the consultant in June and start the planning process in July.
If any of our members would like to join one of the NAU Action Teams, please respond to this newsletter with area of interest.