Spending Priorities

What are your spending priorities for the General Fund? What changes would you like to see to the existing allocation of resources?


Paul Deasy:

We were not prepared for the current recession because the City has not put aside any money to help our residents and small business owners get through these troubled times. I would like the City Council to set up an emergency, unrestricted savings account that can be used only when the city is in a declared emergency. If we had spent the last 10 years building up such a fund, we could have had a better response and provided more support for small businesses and workers to get through the pandemic. The City should have a true rainy day fund so the City Council can be proactive rather than reactive in responding to the next recession.

Charlie Odegaard:

I do not have any spending priorities. I do not want to see any changes to existing allocations. My main priority is to take care of City of Flagstaff organization employees.

Jamie Whelan:

I led the move to priority-base budgeting and look forward to guiding our community and our Council through this process. This year will have strong community outreach in defining our goals and spending priorities. We need to be poised for greater focus on social and institutional review (and change) when it comes to our City services aligning with community voices. We will do this through the budget process. We must ensure that the State continues to pay us our full amount of shared revenues and focus on economic stability for our region by support and attracting small businesses.

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