The Energy Code Needs Your Input!


Flagstaff is looking to make amendments to the Energy Code, which currently is almost a decade behind the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) standards. Some proposed amendments include:

  • 2018 IECC adoption: the 2018 codes include higher insulation values for foundations, walls, ceilings, roofs, and windows, as well as tests to correct any leaks and drafts in buildings.
  • Solar-ready provisions, 
  • Pre-wiring for EV charging
  • Battery storage systems – clarifies the installation of battery storage and makes the process smoother with Fire Department.
  • Passive solar incentives
  • High-efficiency furnaces and toilets – will stay above code.
  • Tiny Homes – adoption of the Tiny Homes building codes

City Council needs to hear from you!  The amendments to the Energy Code will be presented on March 26th to City Council. Email to provide your priorities for the Energy Code. F3 will provide more information in the weeks to come.