Transportation Tax on the 2018 Ballot


Council will be discussing ballot measures for the November 2018 election during several meeting in the next month.  Transportation tax proposals have been provided by the Citizens Transportation Tax Commission which includes congestion relief, Lone Tree bridge, and transit components.  The tax proposals did not include bond financing for any of the proposed projects.  City staff discussed the importance of bond financing the larger capital projects.  Bond financing allows the City to complete projects on an accelerated time frame. 

Staff will present comparisons of pay as you go financing and bond financing for a major project and annual projects.  A major project is one that the City could not deliver on until substantially all the revenues have been realized or available.  Annual projects are those that would be equally expensed over the life of the tax.

F3 would like to see this ballot measure include more focus on alternate modes of transportation and address carbon concerns. However, without this tax, the Workforce Housing bond may suffer as transportation infrastructure is an important component of providing more affordable housing.

We would love to hear your feedback or for you to send feedback directly to council,