Undocumented Residents

Do you believe the City of Flagstaff has an obligation to support and protect our undocumented residents?


Paul Deasy:

Yes, I do. As the old adage goes “No taxation without representation.” We have a moral obligation to take care of the most vulnerable in our community. Undocumented residents face many obstacles and struggles, from a high risk of wage theft to the inability to access most government services. Everyone should be treated in a fair and just manner.

Charlie Odegaard:

I’m not sure what you asking exactly? Do I believe we should become a sanctuary city? No I don’t. I ask that we treat everyone as a fellow human. The City of Flagstaff Police Department is not an immigration enforcement agency. If someone gets pulled over for any reason, it’s a traffic violation only. If someone breaks the law where an arrest happens and then at that time it’s turned over to the County for they run the jail.

Jamie Whelan:

I believe we have the obligation to represent all people who live in our city. If an individual lives within the city of Flagstaff, they deserve support and protection. No one should ever be afraid to live within our community.

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