Water Conservation Strategy Updates


The City’s Water Resources and Conservation staff presented on recent successes in Flagstaff’s goals to reduce water usage. The staff’s next steps are to do a cost-benefit analysis and scenario building to see which of the below actions should be prioritized to further the city’s water reduction goals. Some proposed new actions are:

• Incentivize passive capture of stormwater (like curb cuts)
• Install WaterSense fixtures in all government owned buildings
• develop complete plant list for xeriscaping
• Hotel and motel efficiency program
• require WaterSense showerheads and faucet specifications and pressure regulations in new development
• Water conservation plan reviews for all new developments
• Leak assistance for low income customers
• accelerate installation and implementation of smart meters
• Hot water recirculation retrofit rebates
• Changing water rates for outdoor use or tiers for other classes
• School retrofits program
• Golf course efficiency program

Let F3 know which new proposed actions you are most excited about seeing implemented for Flagstaff’s water conservation efforts.