What are the Candidates Top Three Priorities?


In an ideal world, our City Council Candidates would be able to do it all, yesterday. But any job requires prioritiies– where will the Candidates focus their attention and energy? We asked the Candidates what their top 3 priorities will be if elected to City Council. See more results from the Candidate Survey at www.Flagstaffelection.com

Coral Evans for Mayor
1. Responsible Stewardship  2. Open, transparent and accountable government 3. Local Governance

Austin Aslan
1. Sustainable + Smart Growth 2. Affordable/Workforce Housing 3. Public Safety

Paul Deasy
1. Improving infrastructure 2. Diversifying the economy 3. Cultivating community partnerships

Dennis Lavin
1. Foster economic prosperity 2. Provide exceptional service to the Community 3. Invest in our City’s employees

Alex Martinez
1. Economic Development 2. Compatible growth 3. Our environment

Regina Salas
1. Economic vitality 2. Small business and local nonprofits 3. Open space, natural areas, dark skies

Adam Shimoni
1. Attainable Housing 2. Water Conservation 3. Economic Development